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Gehrer Plötzeneder DDWS

Doing what really matters

We think that behind every really successful business initiative stands an ideational conception of how something should be in future. A commitment, by one or more personalities, to do what really matters to them, a commitment brought to fruition in the form of a business venture.
In the business context, we understand doing what really matters as the intrinsically motivated, emotional engagement towards a goal that, when competence is applied to its attainment, yields economic success. Such a grand foundational vision is often characterized by neither morality nor rationality.
It has always been – and it still is – the grand, passionately held ideas of what really matters that put their indelible stamp on societal and also economic development. They are what make the difference. They are what move us forward. And they are what make for economic success. That is the pleasant side-effect of implementing well that which really matters to you.