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Doing what really matters

Our book – actually a set of theses – seeks to understand entrepreneurial success from the perspective of the history of ideas. Our reasoning: Behind every really successful business initiative stands an ideational conception of how something should be in future. A commitment, by one or more personalities, to do what really matters to them, a commitment brought to fruition in the form of a business venture.

You can purchase the English Version of our book as a Kindle Edition via Amazon:
Doing what really matters to you - Ebook

Lettres de Stefan Zweig

"The extraordinary is the measure of all size," Stefan Zweig said once. A sentence we already often used in this and many modified forms in our daily work. An inspiration, which helps us to set free "what really matters" in companies and organizations, in order to make that extraordinary possible. We are particularly aware of this connection since one day in November 2015, as we heard the news about an auction in Paris that the letters from Stefan Zweig to his French friend and translator Alzir Hella found no buyer. That same evening we decided to buy the letters. The fact that we have succeeded in bringing the letters to Austria still fills us with pride today.

We have compiled 10 selected letters from Stefan Zweig to his French friend and translator Alzir Hella in our brochure "Lettres de Stefan Zweig" (from 1928 to 1939), together with the Zweig-expert Ulrich Weinzierl.

1 x 11

Guiding principles are smoke and mirrors. In the beginning was the word and a word is only as good as the reasoning and intentions behind it. We have spent a long time defining and conceptualising visions and guiding principles and visions of companies, including our own. These 11 tenets are guidelines that accompany our daily work and help us to continuously challenge our decisions.

Every company has its own cultural guiding principles and frames, its own story and responsibilities. We have summarised ours in the form of "1 x 11 principles" in a small storybook: